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Welcome to AGdogfashion.com let me introduce myself. I’m Alina and my 2 westie pups are Luna and Tyrion and we live in Belfast.

On rainy days, of which we have many in Belfast, I noticed I could never find coats that had the right fit or protective clothing for my dogs, so as a fashion designer I started to create raincoats for them.  In doing this my two westies got noticed every day and complimented on their matching outfits and this is how we started.

All my products are hand made to ensure the right fit for each dog. Each product is crafted in my studio and I only use fabrics and materials that have been selected for functionality.  I like to keep an eye out for the latest trends for example our glow in the dark range or magic softshell.  I only produce clothing that I know that the dogs will feel entirely comfortable in and then and only then will I put my name on it.

We also like to have fun here at AG and have introduced our personalised collection of PJ’s, Hoodies and outfits for special occasions.  Kay Devlin, whom I have been working with for 12 years has come on board to create prints and add her personal touch..

We look forward to working with you and creating something unique for your dog.

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